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Shimmering Lights was inspired by a desire to create a space where people can come together and share their story. A place where we break down barriers by having intimate conversations with strangers.

Who I am…


My name is Esraa Abd El Fattah, and I am a twenty – something-year-old female living in San Francisco and working at the intersection of health and technology. Born in Alexandria, Egypt, I moved with my family to New York when I was a child, in search of the American Dream. I am one of those foolish optimists who believe that people are innately good.

I believe that it is the pressures of society and those around us that force us to regress from our natural selves.

I believe that at the end of the day, all any of us want is to be loved and accepted.

I believe that if as a society we learn to be accepting of all, we will inadvertently create a Utopian society.

I believe that that shimmering light of hope is more powerful than the darkest night and that we are capable of creating a world that is driven by love and acceptance.

But most importantly, I believe that we are at a crossroad; either we stay the course and pray we do not destroy everything we cherish along the way, or we make a conscious decision to stand up, reassess, and make a change.


Peace and love,

Esraa Abd El Fattah